This has been a long time coming – that is, my writing.  I’ve felt compelled to write for quite a while, but have found it extremely difficult to get the ball rolling again. In the fall of 2010, I began writing my autobiography, which focuses on my miraculous survival, from a remarkable suicide attempt, but put this on hold during the fall of 2012.  There have been several attempts to restart the book, but they haven’t gone far.

Blogging has been a consideration for some time, but with the book being my priority, it has fallen by the wayside (I generally try to avoid supplementary activities, if the primary are not being actively carried out).  However, through recent conversations with my cousin’s mother-in-law, Teresa, and my brother in the faith, Travis, I’ve decided blogging would be beneficial for my getting in the habit of writing regularly and also provide me with an opportunity to minister to others through an additional avenue.

In speaking with Travis today, we discussed how the fear of writer’s block can prevent us from getting started and/or cause us to quit once we’ve begun.  He told me one way to overcome this is to write as if I were having a conversation with someone, rather than attempting to create a literary piece.  In doing this, the words will flow and I’ll be less likely to get hung up on structure and eloquence.  This doesn’t mean one should just spit out what comes to their mind and not write in a grammatically pleasing manner.

Another thing he suggested was not editing my work as I go along, but getting my thoughts out and then going back after and revising what I’ve written.  I really like this notion, as I had a horrible tendency of becoming nearly paralyzed in my writing, as I would attempt to perfect each sentence before moving on to the next one.  This caused a lot of frustration and also prevented me from allowing my thoughts to flow freely.  I’m hoping this will lead to writing in a less deliberate manner.

I had a horrible time deciding on an address for my blog.  My first choice was “livingmiracle”, but then I found out it would cost me $1,000 to purchase from the one currently possessing ownership.  I considered using “stephenleo7”, which I use for email, my Twitter handle, and most usernames, but I didn’t find it to be descriptive enough.  I ended up settling on “survivalofthestephen”, as it provides a glimpse into one of the primary themes of the writing I intend to do and also provides a fun play on “survival of the fittest”.  I enjoy using the occasional pun, oxymoron, or slight modification of sayings to entertain myself and on a good portion of occasions, others (hopefully, more often than not, others are entertained by my antics and general tomfoolery).

Speaking of wording things creatively, I suppose I should explain the title for this post.  For those of you who don’t know me, my last name is “Dullea”, which is pronounced  D uh – lai .  However, myself and some others like to pretend it is “delay” and make jokes surrounding it (OK – mostly me).  One joke I use frequently, when I don’t provide something to people, as quickly as they or I would like, is “Sorry for the Dullea, but I was born with it”.  Since my creating a blog has taken so long for me to actually do, there has been quite a Dullea.

I hope reading my maiden post has been at least somewhat enlightening and provided you with at least a moderate chuckle.